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One of the most important fire protection systems you can install in your Riverside building is a fire alarm system. A reliable fire alarm system is a quick-response method of alerting the occupants in your building of a fire so that they can get to safety as quickly as possible. Because fire alarm systems are so important when it comes to keeping your building safe, annual fire alarm system inspections are absolutely essential. If you are due for a fire alarm system inspection, call National Fire Protection Test and Inspect today!

Test & Inspect

An effective way to prevent the loss of life and property is to catch potential problems early. Inspections, testing and certification, according to National Fire Protection Association Standards, detect and mitigate deficient areas of a fire protection system. Not only do they catch and fix deficiencies, but they are required by law.

Each fire protection system has its own inspection and testing schedule. For example, a fire pump should be run on a weekly basis to test its operational status, while a fire hydrant must be tested annually to ensure its proper function; and some portions of a fire sprinkler system only need to be inspected once every five years!

Let National Fire Protection Test and Inspect do what it does best: provide quality service to its clients. Once your inspection has been completed with NFPTI, you’ll receive easy-to-read inspection and testing reports, accessible online for one year following the inspection.


Fire protection systems work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep your facility and employees safe. At National Fire Protection Test and Inspect, we’ll work that same schedule to maintain the integrity of your fire system. Repairs to these systems are most often scheduled, but in the event of an emergency, which rarely happens between nine and five, NFPTI will answer the call!

Our team of qualified technicians can repair your fire protection system, ensuring that it will return to working order. Once again, emergency repairs often happen after normal business hours. Let National Fire Protection Test and Inspect be your first call. We can respond, be on-site and start working, within two hours.

Install & Design

Whether a completely new installation or retrofit is required, a design element is often required. This design element can be in the formal form of city plans and permits, or a less formal form of fire code evaluation and application.

At National Fire Protection Test and Inspect, we use a robust knowledge of NFPA, CFC and other industry standards in our installation process as well as quality materials and products. Quality materials are essential alongside sound installation practices. When installing backflow devices, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems and kitchen suppression systems, we do it right the first time in order to give you peace of mind.

Why Professional Fire Alarm System Inspections are Important:

Fire alarm systems consist of much more than smoke detectors on the walls or the fire annunciator panel in the front of your building. The whole fire alarm system is much deeper, with many elements kept out of sight. As a result, you might not be able to check every element of your fire alarm system every day. During a routine annual fire alarm system inspection, the various components of your fire alarm system are exercised and tested to make sure they’re all in good working order. This includes all manual pull stations, alert/alarm methods (strobes and horns), smoke and heat detectors, duct detectors, annunciator panels, the main alarm panel and any communications sub-panels and battery backup supplies.

Having a working fire alarm system installed in your building saves lives. According to the NFPA, fire alarms increase the chance of survival by as much as 50%! If you want to ensure the safety of your building, coworkers and employees by having a fire alarm system inspection, call National Fire Protection Test and Inspect Fire Protection today!

NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code

Covers the application, inspection, testing, location, performance and maintenance of fire alarm systems. This code establishes the minimum level of performance but does not establish the only methods by which these requirements are to be achieved. Call National Fire Protection Test and Inspect today!


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